Back-to-reality purple smoothie

Back-to-reality purple smoothie

Back from north of Spain and south-central France

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Back-to-reality purple smoothie:


Back-to-reality purple smoothie

In the past few weeks my partner Yanay and I traveled in Catalonia – explored, ate and did lots of relaxation in the Spanish Pyrenees. We also stayed in France, at a breathtaking valley near the river Aude. The sights, mountains and flavors were remarkable. The locals are fantastic people with great love for nature and food. We drove from south-central France to Barcelona. we stayed for a few more days, and now we are home, back in Tel-Aviv. We traveled with dear friends – a (vegetarian) couple and their calm & musical infant boy, and in most of the time one more couple of good friends (vegans- Yay!) and their sweet newborn girl. Thoughts, tastes and views will soon be turning into words, which of course will be shared here.

While we are settling-in back home, I have decided to prepare a little back-to-reality smoothie that’s packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants but most of all – has fresh fruits and vegetables that are sold throughout markets in Spain and France. This is my way (or attempt) to keep the journey alive with our taste buds 😉

[gmc_recipe 766]

Back-to-reality purple smoothie




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  1. Love the blog! Very interesting recipes 🙂

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