Baked Seitan Nuggets

Vegan Seitan nuggets Vegan Recipes by Vegan Slaughterer Yaeli Shochat

Baked Seitan Nuggets

Who Doesn’t love Healthy Vegan Fast-Food? Here’s my Baked & Crunchy Seitan Nuggets recipe!

It is the perfect vegan Finger food and Kids Love it. The Preparation is very simple and no knowledge is required! Woohoo!

Plus, Somehow whenever guests arrive they request this dish in advance 🙂 .

Vegan Seitan Schnitzel bites

Baked Seitan Schnitzel Bites 

This dish can be the main course of your everyday dinner or lunch. It is super SIMPLE. I highly recommend dipping the schnitzel bites in Cheesy spread.

What you’ll need                   

1 package (8-12 oz.) seitan, cut into strips

½ cup teriyaki sauce – If you can’t find Vegan (honey-free) teriyaki sauce, just use: 3 tbs. Date syrup, 2 tbs. Soy sauce, 1 tsp. Olive oil

½ cup bread crumbs


1.    Marinating the seitan: Pour the teriyaki sauce into a medium bowl and place the seitan strips, stir gently. Let it marinade for about an hour.
Preheat oven to 350-380ºf
2.    Place bread crumbs in a small bowl then dip and cover each seitan strip (one at a time!) with crumbs, then place the strips on a baking pan.

Bake 20 minutes.

Bon-appetite! Marinating - Baked Seitan Schnitzel Bites Before oven - Baked Seitan Schnitzel Bites Baked Seitan Schnitzel Bites

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  1. wow, super easy but looks really good

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