Energy Boosting Super-Food Smoothie

Energy boosting green smoothie Fall special edition by Vegan Slaughterer Yaeli Shochat

Energy Boosting Super-Food Smoothie

The brilliant Led Zeppelin once said “Leaves are falling all around”. Well, fall is here!

As it starts to get colder outside (luckily for me, here in Tel-Aviv it is still 27c) eating raw vegetables and leafy greens can become a challenge. However, in order to get my body ready for fall and winter I MOST have fresh raw vegetables!
Every year at fall time I feel this Bear-like impulse to hoard as much vitamins, minerals and other good stuff as possible and prepare my immune system for the upcoming winter.
Green smoothies and shakes are definitely the Best way to go. So let leaves fall all around, and put them in your blender. you’re ready for fall 🙂

Here’s my energy boosting green smoothie Fall special edition. Served with Goji berries and Chia seeds.

[gmc_recipe 712]


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  1. Alicia Marie says:

    First I was drawn to the picture, then you caught me at mentioning Led Zeppelin! Never get tired of green smoothies or classic rock 🙂 Looking forward to following your blog!

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