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Snowy Date Truffles – Raw Vegan Gluten-free

Snowy Date Truffles - Raw Vegan Gluten Free Recipe by Vegan Slaughterer Yaeli Shochat

How about a Dessert that is both Delicious and Nutritious? No Snow in Tel-Aviv, which is exactly why I had no other option but making Snowy Date Truffles! ​These sweet little truffles are always a terrific snack or dessert, and

Lychee – Coconut smoothie

vegan Lychee - coconut smoothie

Lychee – coconut smoothie Summer is here! Instead of cooking, baking and doing other heat related activities, here’s a sweet & refreshing smoothie recipe. Oh yeah. Lychee – coconut smoothie Serves 2 What you’ll need   255g (1 cup) canned

Porridge – a Classic Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Oat Muesli Breakfast recipe by Yaeli Shochat

Porridge – a Classic Vegan Breakfast A Fast and Simple Oats Muesli – Porridge  I love this recipe, it has NO preparation what so ever and it is one of the best breakfast dishes I know. What you’ll need: 1½

Vegan Cranberry Coconut Bites

vegan cranberry coconut bites of joy vegan dessert recipe by Yaeli Shochat

Vegan Cranberry – Coconut Bites Snowy Dessert that is both Beautiful (so so beautiful) and Easy to make. This dessert is healthy, elegant and yummy. For a Sugar-Free version: I replace the Marzipan with blended almonds Vegan Cranberry Coconut Bites