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Açai Figs Mango Smoothie – Bananaless Smoothie

BANANALESS SMOOTHIE - Açai figs mango smoothie Vegan Recipes VEGAN SLAUGHTERER Yaeli Shochat http://veganslaughterer.com

Recently I’ve been getting lots of requests and questions about awesome No-Banana smoothies – So I must thank you boys and girls for this little challenge! I know some people find the strong taste and aroma of bananas to be

Vegan Banana Lychee and Rice Milk Popsicles

Vegan Banana Lychee and Rice Milk ice pops by yaeli shochat

Vegan Banana Lychee and Rice Milk Popsicles This recipe is my new favorite summer treat. It is super simple, the ice pops are perfect and kids LOVE it. Recipe for 4 Ice Pops What you’ll need 3 very ripe bananas

Lychee – Coconut smoothie

vegan Lychee - coconut smoothie

Lychee – coconut smoothie Summer is here! Instead of cooking, baking and doing other heat related activities, here’s a sweet & refreshing smoothie recipe. Oh yeah. Lychee – coconut smoothie Serves 2 What you’ll need   255g (1 cup) canned